Vital Greens Gives Your Body

Vital Greens is an all in one nutritional supplement. It was created by Shane Sullivan and Stephen Sprada in 2000. The beginning of the company that produces Vital Greens, Vital, was quite humble. The company began making their products in a garage in Sydney, Australia. The longtime friends noticed an overwhelming amount of people that were suffering from a whole variety of gut issues. They realized that much of those issues were created from a lack of proper nutrition. Even those individuals that were taking supplements were having a problem with their bodies being able to absorb the supplement efficiently.They created Vital brand supplements to assist their clients with the absorption of nutrients to prevent illness and digestive problems.

They sold the company in 2011 to Martin and Pleasance Pty Ltd. because the company grew so large they could not keep up with the demand for only two products developed and being sold to the consumer market, Vital Greens The first product that was developed was Vital Greens. Vital Greens is packed with vitamins and nutrients and many other beneficial elements. There are probiotics and prebiotics as well as fiber and pea protein. The supplement is easily digested and absorbed and will increase overall well-being and digestive function.

Although the company was sold, the founders are still very involved with the development of products and they are even seen out and about promoting the products. They believe in their supplements and hope that people all over will try Vital Greens and get their health back on track. They designed Vital Greens to be a part of a healthy daily routine. This product has allowed their clients to enjoy vastly improve health and well-being with Vital Greens.

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